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The importance of the healthcare industry has never been more apparent. These workers and facilities save millions of people per year and dedicate their lives to helping those who are struggling. We want to give back to the medical professionals who work day in and out to ensure the wellness of the public.

At Platinum Neighbors Inc., we have partnered with several existing healthcare providers to find the most efficient ways to serve the medical industry and their clients. With centralized scheduling, billing, and accounting, we are able to cross-market and utilize shared staffing across practices. By creating less overhead for each facility, PNI works to take the burden off the backs of our medical professionals and allow them to focus more on the care of the patients.

While we take care of the back office, our carefully selected healthcare leaders will take care of you.


Healthcare Made Simple

We are confident with our strong, innovative approach to workplace management, Platinum Neighbors can help you achieve your healthcare business goals.

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"When I took over my family's pharmacy, I wasn't prepared for the financial work that went into it. Platinum Neighbors helped me get on top of the paperwork I had piling up and save my business!”

Dana Holland, Pharm. D.

“Being new to a private practice, Platinum Neighbors was integral for helping my business succeed. I cannot thank them enough!”

Marc Simmons, MD

"The healthcare system is so complex. Thankfully Platinum Neighbors has been hands-on with us from start to finish. I call them anytime I have a question and they're always eager to help." 

Taren McGee, CNA

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